Mike Webster says until you’ve tried a micro beer you don’t know what you’ve been missing.

The Scenic Rim builder has been experimenting with home-brews for the past 30 years.

He knew the day would come when his body wouldn’t be able to handle the rigours of building work and was always on the lookout for his second career.

Late in 2013 Mike decided to turn passion into profession and launch his own micro beer.

Mike says his Scenic Rim Brewery is about celebrating the place he lives and the people he loves.

He says the beers have been developed to quench more than your thirst and offer an all-round sensory experience.

With names like Digga and Fat Man, Mike’s beers are certainly memorable.

“It’s a passion I’ve had for 30 years now,” he says.

“It started in my back shed and over time I’ve grown my passion and expertise. You can’t start a microbrewery overnight so I’ve been working towards this for sometime.

“I have a product out there and it’s been selling well. We’ve purchased a property and over the next 12 months we’ll develop it into a brewery.

“At the moment I contract brew locally.”

Before taking the plunge, Mike travelled to Germany to undertake a brewing course. He says microbrews offer drinkers “better quality than mainstream beer,

“I’ve gone back to traditional methods. All my ingredients are natural and it leads to a more tasty product.

“Beer doesn’t have to be a bland bubbly fluid.”

The Digga’s Pale Ale offers a fruity flavour, made on German yeast, while the Fat Man Maroon Ale is based on a red ale and offers a chocolate flavour.

“I’ve converted quite a few red wine drinkers to it,” says Mike.

Mikes beers are sold at many local pubs, restaurants and service clubs over the the counter and through the bottle shop.


898 Reckumpilla Street, Mount Alford, Queensland, Australia
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