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Lillydale Angus Beef is a family owned and operated business run in conjunction with Lillydale Farmstay. Doug and Pam Hardgrave have been involved in beef cattle production for the last 40 years and have been exclusively engaged in Angus beef cattle production for the past 15 years.

Being a small family operated business, Lillydale Angus Beef is able to offer ethically raised, premium quality meat, produced locally at a reasonable price, applying best practice farming and ecologically sustainable practices.

Our cattle are not subjected to hormone injections and are not genetically modified. They are grass fed on native and improved pasture plus are regularly rotated through the paddocks to help manage parasites such as worms, ticks and buffalo fly.



821 Upper Logan Road, Mount Barney, Queensland, Australia
821 Upper Logan Road Mount Barney Queensland 4287



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