Paul and Robyn Lee bought a rural property at Canungra as part of a lifestyle decision.

But the accountant couldn’t help herself and soon decided to plant 500 macadamia trees.

And that is how the brand “Greenlee Farm “began.

Developing the macadamia orchard on what was once grazing land took many months of hard work.

This involved many hours, days, weeks & months of back breaking work – starting with digging holes to plant trees, laying down irrigation pipework & sprinklers, and planting smother grass under macadamia trees to minimise erosion.

Bees are an integral part of the pollination process for growing macadamias so there has been a natural progression into beekeeping activities. This requires regular monitoring of hives for disease and pests. “There is always plenty of activity at Greenlee Farm. This could involve the nut harvest from March to July (including pickup, dehusking, cracking & packaging), fertilising, pruning, mowing, maintaining farm equipment or robbing bees.

Once a year the Lees hold “Nutfest” which is an opportunity for the extended family & friends to come and help pick up macadamias. There is always a bit of fun thrown in for the kids as well.


45 Rymera Road Sarabah Queensland
45 Rymera Road Sarabah Queensland 4275



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