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This Boonah butcher says he sticks to good old-fashioned techniques and it’s an approach which has set him apart from the competition.

He’s won a slew of awards at the annual Sausage King championships, for his traditional beef sausages, as well as for his gourmet snags.

Gary says the awards help to confirm that he’s producing a top-quality product and is at the forefront of his field.

“My secret is just good fresh product and a traditional way of butchering,” he says.

“A lot of places take a lot of shortcuts but there’s no need for shortcuts.”

Gary runs Elite Meats with his wife Becky and since buying the business it’s not only their sausages which have made headlines. Gary’s leg hams have also been named among the best in QLD.

Gary sources most of his meat from a family of breeders on the Darling Downs which buys cattle from the Fassifern and fattens them on their improved pasture to finish them off. His pork is sourced from Warwick and his lamb from Warwick and Stanthorpe.

“You’re either a quality shopper or a bulk shopper, I don’t compromise on quality.”

Gary has been working as a butcher for the past 25 years. He started learning the trade as a 13-year-old but it wasn’t until a few years later while he was working as an apprentice electrician that Gary decided to take a change in direction.

He was doing an electrical fit out for the local butcher who offered him a butchering apprenticeship. He accepted and hasn’t looked back since.


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