The Scenic Rim’s newest craft brewery – the Beard & Brau – is run by a couple who are as passionate about beer as they are about sustainability.

That’s why Tanya Harlow and Chris Herring decided to move their business from South Australia to Tamborine in the Scenic Rim early last year. They found a farm on which they can grow the ingredients which make their beers so different.

“We wanted to live and work on site and be a true farmhouse brewery” says Tanya.

“We wanted to grow our own ingredients. We’re very green, we’re entirely solar powered. In Adelaide we had to pay someone to take our spent rye grain away. Here we plan to feed it to the pigs. We’re treating our water so it can go back to the land, we want to do the right things for the environment. We plan to put in blueberries because we do a really nice blueberry lager. We also want to grow heather and myrtle, which are native to this area. We have some old Scottish recipes which use them.

“We want to grow some grains and do a small amount of malting. I’ve planted a rose bush because one of our beers is a Turkish Delight Stout and the rose petals turns a chocolate-flavoured stout into this beautiful fragrant drink.”

While the couple has a fair way to travel before they are operating at full capacity at their new site, they have continued to produce their main lines, including the Golden Paw Pale Ale, which is now on tap at the Bearded Dragon at Tamborine.


Tamborine Mountain Queensland


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