Tarome Queensland
Glenn Abbott grew up on the Tarome property he now farms and says he loves his office, with its sweeping views of the Great Dividing Range. Vegetable farming is a job Glenn’s well-equipped for – he’s a fifth generation vegetable farmer on his mum’s side and fourth-generation on his dad’s. Glenn a
Fassifern Valley
Di Fyson loves dirt. She grew up on a farm and knew from a young age she’d return to one — to tend and plough the earth, and grow beautiful fresh produce. Charlwood is a certified organic retail business and farm. During the week, Di grows her greens on the fertile creek flats of the Fassifern Valley, and, on Sundays, she sel
3-5 Coburg Rd, Canungra QLD 4275, Australia
Dale Mahony just loves to grow potatoes on his family’s farm at Canungra. His grandfather and father purchased the farm, and then built the family home in the 1940s using timber from the property and from Tamborine Mountain. Back then, farmers in the area lived on twenty-acre dairy farms and made a living from the cream they
Roadvale Queensland
Joseph and Joanne Monsour’s Roadvale garlic business is a true family affair. Joseph’s uncle provided the original seed stock. The growing method has been adapted from his Lebanese ancestors, with input from his mother Chahla. When it’s time to harvest, the couple is joined in the paddock by their daughters
11 Allens Road, Peak Crossing, Queensland, Australia
Peak Crossing
Brothers, Tony and Nick Gibb, are the Gibb Bros, a third-generation vegetable farming business based in South East Queensland. The brothers own fertile farming land in two regions: the Fassifern Valley and the Darling Downs, near Toowoomba. The areas have very different climates, which means they can grow a consistent and qua
6202 Cunningham Highway, Kalbar, Queensland, Austrlalia
Kalfresh Vegetables was founded in 1992 by Robert Hinrichsen and his father, Barry. Their vision was to unite growers under a common brand. Since then, Kalfresh has grown from a small, family-owned company into one of Queensland’s leading vegetable production companies. Rob oversees the farming operation of the company, and t
6202 Cunningham Highway, Kalbar, Queensland, Australia
Kalfresh Vegetables is Queensland’s largest supplier of carrots. This farming, packing and marketing company is based at Kalbar and supplies carrots, onions, green beans and pumpkin to customers around Australia and overseas. The business started in 1992 as a small family-run operation. The Kalfresh Carrot Field Day has
606 Tarome Road, Tarome, Queensland
For nearly a century, the Moffatt family has tilled the rich, alluvial soil of the Fassifern Valley in Tarome to bring top-quality, fresh food to the tables of Australian families. The business is now one of the country’s largest suppliers of carrots and onions. Scott Moffatt and Company are committed to sustainable farming p
2-26 School Road, Mount Tamborine, Queensland, Australia
Tamborine Mountain
Mt Tamborine Organic Garden is a certified-organic market garden, specialising in growing gorgeous leafy greens. Agronomist and grower Adam Willson and his partner, Mayjune, have a real passion for soil — they feed the earth with quality composts and minerals, which not only means their hand-picked vegies are truly sweet and
Peak Crossing
Troy and Vicki Muller are mad-keen tomato growers and gifted storytellers — and they are as vibrant as their splendid toms. On the picturesque pastures of Peak Crossing is Peak Veggie Patch, their family-run farm, which specialises in growing heirloom tomatoes with outstanding flavor, just like the ones grandad used to grow.
1428 Beechmont Rd, Beechmont, Queensland, Australia
Nestled high on the lush green Beechmont plateau sits Providence Farm, with glorious views sweeping across Numinbah Valley, out to the Gold Coast and the sea. When Greg McKenzie’s parents were ready to retire, Greg and his wife, Wendy, took over the traditional dairy farm, which has been in Greg’s family since 1880. Due to de
Fassifern Valley
Trav and Robyn Muller’s farm is as pretty as a picture postcard, nestled in beautiful Fassifern Valley with views of the surrounding mountain ranges. Farming is in their blood. After a few years away, Robyn and Trav returned to the Scenic Rim, so their children, Riley and Ava, could enjoy a country childhood — riding their mo
6202 Cunningham Highway Kalbar Queensland
Cool winters and light alluvial soil make the Fassifern Valley some of the best carrot-farming land in Australia. Meet primary producers Mick and Tracey Rieck, who grew up in the region and now run the family farming business. In the 1980s, Mick’s parents began growing carrots due to the slump in grain prices, and carrots rem
222 Lake Moogerah Road, Fassifern Valley, Queensland, Australia
Fassifern Valley
Stephen Pennell farmed conventionally for over thirty years. After becoming unwell, his wife, Angela, finally convinced Stephen to begin farming organically. Steve now says he wishes he’d made the change years ago. They sell their vegies at markets in Brisbane and locally. The Pennells are passionate about their organic leafy
Mount Mort Road, Mount Mort, Queensland, Australia
Mount Mort
Troy and Vilma Stokes operate their family farm at Stokes Crossing, Mount Walker, with the help of Troy’s parents, Rob and Wendy. The Stokes are some of the most salt-of-the-earth people you’re likely to meet. Their primary crops are onions and lucerne. Most of the onions are sold through the Brisbane markets and to independe
386 Main Western Road, Tamborine Mountain, Queensland, Australia
Tamborine Mountain
Every Sunday morning at the Tamborine Mountain Showground, local growers gather in The Green Shed to deliver their homegrown produce. The market is run by the Tamborine Mountain Local Producers Association, a not-for-profit group of mostly mountain-dwelling retirees with one thing in common — a passion for growing organic veg
Main Street, Tamborine Mountain QLD, Australia
Tamborine Mountain
The Vintage Pickle Deli and Catering offers a variety of deli delights along with a catering service. Kate Raymont and her team focus on fresh, healthy and locally sourced food, with an impressive selection of gourmet delights, meat and cheeses. The Vintage Pickle Deli is in Main Street on Tamborine Mountain.
Kerry Queensland, Australia
These days, Tony and Jacky White primarily grow pumpkins and keep bees — and their raw honey is absolutely delicious. They sell their pumpkins from their farm-gate roadside stall in Kerry, on the corner of Duck Creek Road, and the honey is sold locally. The farm, originally a dairy, has been in Tony’s family for generations,
Boonah, Queensland, Australia
Andrew Scholl is a fifth-generation farmer, living and working on the family property in the Fassifern Valley, at the end of a road bearing the family name. Andrew and his wife, Theresa, purchased the property from Andrew’s parents sixteen years ago. The Scholls grow vegetables and herbs, which they wash and bunch, ready for
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